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Sri Yoga Narasimha  Swamy Temple & Udayavar's Sri Pada Theertham

Gauthama Rishi did the Prathistai. It is said Nam Alwar got the temple constructed in 24 hours here. Then it seems Ramanuja Charya had dream that he should visit this Kshetram and On arriving in Karnataka Ramanuja reached Saligrama it is also known as Shalapuri . The serene atmosphere of the place appealed to him. Vaduhanambi, the priest of the local Narasimha temple, became Ramanuja's disciple. The people of the vicinity, on learning that Ramanuja had arrived at the village, gathered round him. There is pond in that village and it is a kind of memorial to the great man. Even today Sri Pada Thirtha is considered to be sacred to all Srivaishnavas. The temple is still in charge of the descendants of the family of Vaduhanambi.

Incidentally, Ramanuja Charya fell ill here and spent several
days in Saligrama temple (Karnataka), at the service of Vadaga Nambi (came to be called) and his family. He may have visited the nearby Ramanathapura temple as well. The Sthala puranam, as recorded in Acharyara Patni short story by Masti venkatesha Iyengar, states that Ramanujacharya's wife briefly met him here in disguise, and breathed her last breath here. It is said that she briefly massaged Ramanujar's feet, while Ramanuja was bedridden with a high fever. Following day, Ramanuja's health recovered to normalcy, while She fell ill and passed away. Before her last breath, she confessed to Vadagalai Nambi about her apacharams to Ramanujar.

 It is said that Sri Pada Theertham cures all ailments and the Theertham carried in your bottle will not get spoilt .


The Temple Timings are Daily Morning 9.00 Am to 12.30 Pm and Evening 5.30 Pm to 8.30 Pm.
The contact Details are:

Sri S R YADAGIRI IYENGAR or Srinivas Iyengar ( Sri Yadagiri Iyengars son)
Sri Yoganarasimha Swamy Temple,
K R Nagar Taluk
Saligrama : 571604
Mysore District,
Tel:08223 - 283631,9964517490

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How to reach : Go to Hassan then go to Arakalgud, then Hulikal and then you reach Saligrama

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