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Sri Soumiya Keshava Swamy Temple

Om Keshavaya Namaha

This place is know as Anantha Kshetra and it is more than 1000 years of History. Here Lord Soumiya Keshava Resides and Place is known as Nagamangala and it is in Mandya District. As soon as you step into Nagamangala a Lofty Garuda / Deepa Gamba welcomes you and it is fifty five feet height, It is said Bhagvan Ramanuja Charya did the prathistai of this Garuda Gamba. One side you find our Garuthaman, The you will find unusual Sevai of Seriya Thiruvadi , yes he is giving darshan as Kowpina Dari . Then you come across a majestic seven tier Raja Gopuram. Then you climb up a few steps and behold you are seeing Lord is Keshva. How did he get the name Keshava? In Krishna Avathra Lord does Samhara of a Rakshasa named Keshi, so he got the name Keshava. Lakshana of Keshava Moorthy is He has Shanku in Right Upper hand and Chakra in Left upper hand , He hold Padma in Right Lower hand and Gadha in Left Lower hand and Adhi Shesha in Nabhi. Bhoo and Neela Devi are also there. Our Keshava is Standing Majestically and he is six feet in height excluding the Peetam. This temple is in Thrikutachala Style the uniqueness of Hoysala Temples It is said this temple was built in two stages the inner sanctorum etc was built by Hoysala and the Raja Gopuram etc was built by Vijayanagara kings. The main Santorum houses our Keshava and to his right the Santorum houses the image of Krishna Rukmini and Satya Bhama As the Slokam goes " Rukmini Sathyabama biyam  Sahitham KrishnamAshreye"  The sanctum to the left houses an image of Lakshmi-Narasimha and the specialty is our Swami is sitting on Five hooded  Adhi Seshan . This temple was constructed by  the Hoysala Pallegara Sri Jaga Deva Raya. This place in also known as Nagamandala Paniparaha Kshetra . Nagamandala means Adhi Shesha . Adhi Shesha is sitting in Mandala akara. In the whole word you will not find the Adhi Shesha Sitting in Mandala akara on top of mantapa. Our Adhi Shesha is sitting on a big Shanku which appears as if it is placed on heap of 108 Shanku. This is a unique feature and no where in the world you will find the Adhi Seshan sitting in Mandala Akara Position beneath the Bhuvaneshwari Mantapam sitting atop of Shanku . Narayan  Bhattar says this the place where all types of Naga / Sarpa Dosha is got rid of. If you have any problem like  the Broken marriage  , mental Illness, Bodily Illness, Bhaya, Loss in Property, Business etc,  Delayed Marriage , Santana Bhagya, Rahu Kethu Dosha etc, If you visit  NAGAMANGALA itself think all your problem is solved.  If you can afford to  do the Thirumanjanam to Adhi Sesha it will be nice. The Garuda Gamba is 51 feet Height and every year they do Deepa Aradhanam  on Ugadi , Karthik Masa and also on Shivarathiri day. This Deepa Ustava was started by Rani  . First they do Pooja to Garuda and then through Sarpani they light the Lamp, You can understand how scientifically they have done if you see it in person , so visit the Nagamangala on any of the three days mentioned above.

Now let us go around the temple . First you come across the Mahadwaram and then you find our Keshava's Sannidhi and on Right side Rukmini Sathaya Bhama Sametha Krishna, Then on left side you will find the Lakshmi Narasimha sitting on Adhi Sesha. Then you can also find the 2 small  Small Nagas. Then you come out and turn to your left , you can find the Sannidhi for Sri , Bhoo and Neela Devi Sametha Para Vasudevar , Then  all Alwar s and Acharyas are also housed there.

30 Pm
Then you find A Sannidhi for Chakrath Alwar it is Unique Moorthy




Then you come to taking a round in Praharam then you will find our Soumiya Nayaki  and next to her you will find our Andal. Both the look very beautiful.




Then if you look at the Main Vimanam atop of Keshvan  Sannidhi it is very beautiful.




Then after finishing the darshan of all Sannidhi Narayan  Bhattar brings you to the Central place in the Main Temple under the Bhuvaneshwari Mantapam  and switches on the Light, and asks you to lift your head Behold you have the Darshan of Adhi Seshan .


In one angle if you see You will see as if Adhi Seshan is Perched on top of a Very Big Shanku, then if you ,move to the central point you will see as if the Adhi Seshan is in top of Reversed Lotus Bud.

Narayan Bhattar says Once you have darshan of Keshavan all your problem will disappear like Slokam Keshava Klesha Nashana.

The Temple Timings are Daily Morning 8.00 Am to 12.00 Pm and Evening 5.30 Pm to 8.30 Pm.( Since Narayana Bhattar stays very near temple he told he can be contacted and any one can have darshan and nobody will go disappointed without having darshan of Lord).

For Abhishekam / Thirumanjanam of Adhi Seshan = Rs.251, And Keshavan is Rs.501.
For Neyvedhanam : Get in touch with Bhattar.

The temple's address is:
Sri Thiru Narayana Bhattar
Sri Sowmiya Keshava Temple.
Nagamangala, Nagamangala Taluk,
Mandya District,
Pin: 571432
Tel : + 91 9448750603

Please contact Sri. Thirunarayana Bhattar , If any Seva is to be conducted, a week's time should suffice to make arrangements.

Every year during Brahma Ustavam they do Annadhanam , and for that they are gathering corpus fund. If any one is desirous of donating anything please send your contribution to :
The Secretary , Sri Soumiya Keshava Brahmana Samaradhana Seva Samithi, Nagamangala, They are having A/c in TAPCMS Bank, Nagamangala A/c # 172. Or you can send contribution to Narayana Bhattar .


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