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MahA Lakshmi  Temple

As you drive down from Hassan enroute Belur & Halebedu, you will find a small village called Doddagaddavalli, situated it is just 16 kms away from the Hassan town. The MahA Lakshmi temple at Doddagaddavalli is considered to be one of the earliest temples built in the Hoysala style.

It is said that a merchant called Kullahana Rahuta and his wife Sahaja Devi in 1114 AD constructed this temple. The MahA Lakshmi temple here is situated in a courtyard, enclosed by a seven-feet-high stonewall. The temple has two main entrances - one facing east and the other facing west. Some of the main attractions of the temple here are the four small shrines surmounted by stone towers and the Hoysala crests found at the corners of the enclosure. The groups of stone towers are constructed on the lines of Kadamba Naagara style, resembling pyramids from one end, and 18 carved pillars support the mantapa in the front.

Although this temple is not built on a star-shaped, three feet platform, which is usually the case with the Hoysala style of construction, it is resplendent in the unique architectural style of the Hoysala period. The main garbagriha of this temple has the presiding goddess Lakshmi Devi, beautifully sculptured, measuring about 3 feet high, with an attendant on either side. The four hands of the goddess are finely done, with a conch in the upper right hand, a discuss (Chakra) in the upper left hand, a rosary in the lower right hand and a mace in the lower left hand.

This rare quadruple-shaped temple consists of four garbagrihas facing north, south, east and west, with idols of Kali, Vishnu, Lakshmi and Bootha-natha , respectively. The square-shaped Navaranga has seven artistically executed ceilings, projecting circular panels. The central ceiling has a circular panel in the middle with the beautiful Tandaveshwara.

The other ceilings have floral designs in the middle besides circular panels carved with the figures of regents of the eight directions (Ashta Dhikbalakas). These carvings represent a workmanship of high order. While the sculptures of Gajalakshmi, Thandaveshwara and Yoganarasimha on the garbagriha doorway are fascinating, the doors of the east MahA Dwara are highly decorated.

One of the main attractions of the temple is the elegantly carved goblins or betalas, situated in the vestibule (sukanasi) of the eight-handed Kali shrine.

The main temple is for MahA Lakshmi and other are Aniya Devatha's. You can see the beauty of the Temple. A Vaishnava Priest only does the Pooja.


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